Join Domain Linux Samba

Join Domain Linux Samba. Failed to lookup DC info for domain. There are three authentication methods you can use Username Password or two kerberos methods the kerberos methods depend on running kinit as an admin user.

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Idmap uid 10000-20000 idmap gid 10000-20000 template shell binfalse. Finally step 6 should indicate that the account to join the domain has to have the privileges to join the domain. A Samba domain member is a Linux machine joined to a domain that is running Samba and does not provide domain services such as an NT4 primary domain controller PDC or Active Directory AD domain controller DC.

I am running Samba 3025b-04E6 on all of my RHEL servers.

Realm join domaintld --user username Enter the password of the account with permissions to join devices to the domain and press the enter key. If Samba and winbind services are running turn them off. Note that to use the utility. Group memberships from the managed domain are also applied to let you control access to files or services on the VM.