When I got married, I was fresh out of college and considerably very young as compared to the girls these days, who think of careers before anything else, which I THINK is right too. Well, let me introduce myself here, I am convent educated, North-Indian girl, who was born and brought up in a metropolitan city… hmm.. Yeah, I know total marriage material for a typical North-Indian family boy. Enough said, I was married young and sent to a complete stranger’s house where a strange aunty and uncle were to be called mummy papa now. I guess every girl goes through this strange process of learning and adaptation.

We are typically expected to adorn a Salwar suit or a sari after we get married, no matter how much of a fashion diva you were in your college but your new family expects you to be a typical Sanskaari Bahu (a daughter-in-law, well-versed with her culture and rituals) that they can show off to their relatives. Now, when a brand new item enters the house, read another aunty, your MIL tells you, “Bahu, pair chhuho” (touch the feet of your elder), rest assured she is not wanting here to get your life better or wishing for you to have a long life. She is most certainly showing off her obedient daughter-in-law to the world here, believe me on this one.

Anyhow, I am not criticising my MIL here as she never told me to stick to Indian wear, she rather loved it when I wore western clothes (I thank my stars every single day for that, SERIOUSLY). She is a woman with a broad minded thinking who believes that western clothes are glamorous and give out a message of a strong, modern and an independent approach to things. So, a pair of ladies jeans has always been with me, a staple item in my wardrobe, wherever I went.


My favourite pair of ladies jeans, my confidant, my travelling companion, saviour, call it whatever, has changed many shapes and styles over the years. From bell-bottoms to tights, comfort-fit to skinny, distressed to patch-up, it has been loved and worn by millions worldwide. The latest being the super-skinny jeans/jeggings, that are in fact benignly elastic and democratic in a very surprising way and have become immensely popular, thanks to the ladies jeans online available on various portals. These jeans stretch comfortably to fit all shapes of bottoms and all ages.

Jeans, specially skinny jeans have been ubiquitous for more than 15 years now, you can see on celebrities, models, housewives, college students, well, I guess everyone. Reason?? Very simple! One it’s super super comfortable, second it makes everyone’s silhouette better (round-shapely bum for everyone) and third, it bloody looks good on anyone and with anything. AHH!! The catch here is, the abundance of the styles available these days and that is why it literally clothes the entire cultural spectrum, including Justin Bieber, Priyanka Chopra, Robert Pattinson to Kendall Jenner. Studies reveal that in Britain, mums on the school run wear them, so do their children at weekends. There is no age limit, it’s available in the smallest sizes possible too. (GAP and UCB have the smallest size in skinny for 0 months, which means a newborn)


It makes one wonder, how do people who don’t wear jeans survive? Are they not missing an amazing experience of freedom here? There are lots of places, still in India that think Western clothing is complex and twisted, really ladies? Stop being that frog in the pond. Explore new options, browse through your favourite portal and get yourself a pair of ladies jeans online and try wearing it with anything from a normal tee to a crop top, and JUST ROCK IT!!

Fashion tips that men must not ignore

Women have birthright towards latest fashion or fashion trends but that does not mean that men must deprive themselves of this. A man has equal right on fashion and thus here I share some essential fashion tips that every man must know. So people get ready.

The fitting makes the difference

Men must not compromise on fitting at any cost. Most men wear clothes that are either too large or are skintight. Yes, if you have abs then skintight is fine but otherwise wear clothes that makes you look good and do not copy a film star blindly. At the same time do not wear too large clothes, the right and comfortable fitting is what you need. This is the most essential point that one must not forget.

Be simple

You can create a style statement by being simple. Yes that is possible in fact that is what is appreciated. Never dress like a rock star until and unless you are a member of a band group. Even if you are heading for disco just a flashy watch or a simple accessory will do the magic. You do not have to shine and sparkle from all angles and end up drawing unwanted attention.

Change your outlook towards casuals

Casuals need not be boring, there are various casuals that will make you look amazing for example trendy collared shirts. You just need to buy one that will match with your personality, enhance it rather than destroy it.

Do not go for shopping alone

It is always better to go for shopping with a friend. Ideally, sales men are paid commission for increasing the sales and they will do anything to make you buy a shirt, jeans or trouser. It is therefore suggested to take a friend along who will not only guide you but will also clarify your doubts. It is better to have a discussion with a friend rather than with the sales person before making the final decision.

Do not overlook the details

This is where most men take a back seat, they do not find it necessary to look into the details and make decision in haste. Details of buying a dress will include paying equal attention to subtle pocket square, the scarf and many more. You must remember that paying attention to the details will give you a better judgment power before you make the final decision of buying.

Do not hesitate to try out new things for yourself and your parter

Do not hesitate to try out something out of your comfort zone. You need to be brave if you want to look good and go in accordance with the fashion trends. Trying out new things does not mean that you do something that looks good on a model or on someone else, it means trying out something that looks good only on you. You need to experiment, take honest feedback,  try fashion clothing for yourself and your girl friend, looking to buy for your girl friends and then go  for sexy little things or satin sleepwear .Staying in fashion is a great way to feel good. You need not be a celebrity or a rock star to go in accordance with the latest fashion trends

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Know all about Kanjeevaram Sarees

From a long time, the Indian Saree has been associated with the identity of the Indian woman. It is an important part of every Indian woman’s wardrobe. When it comes to silk sarees, the Kanjeevaram sarees have been the most prominent ones. They say it’s a type of tribute to Lord Vishnu who preferred silk to cotton. They are created by exceptional craftsmen in the small town of Kanchi in Tamil Nadu with the finest quality of silk and come in different designs and colours. However, the best part, as they say, is that you would always look beautiful in a Kanjeevaram saree even if you are wearing minimal jewellery.

The Indian textile heritage is displayed in all its fineness by the Kanjeevaram sarees; and the grandeur and beauty of the thread work and typical designs are the striking aspect of these sarees. They are generally associated with traditional ceremonies and family functions. The intricate designs with golden threads and quailty fabrics enhance their beauty and make them the most sought-after among all the sarees.

The Kanjeevaram sarees never went out of fashion and they are seen quite often with celebrities wearing them on ramps and various shows. Today, even designers are coming up with new ways to add more glamour to these sarees because of their ever growing demand.

The latest Kanjeevaram sarees come in a wide range of designs and you can see contemporary touch to these designs that are really liked by the younger generations. The lively shades of the sarees not only adhere to the conventional designs but also to latest fads such as shot colours. Shot colours refers to two colours, which blend in each other and while one colour is reflected in the other, this adds more beauty to the already majestic saree. Elder women generally prefer deeper colours and thinner borders for their sarees while the younger generation is more inclined towards the ones with bold borders. Women are now looking at the Kanjeevaram sarees as an alternative to georgettes and chiffons to wear at weddings and parties.

However, a lot of workmanship and loom goes into the making of a kanjeevaram saree. It is impossible to see to it that a saree is not replicated because a typical loom creates as many as 12 sarees. The best way to prevent the duplication of the sarees is to ensure that a designer store sells only one saree of the same design per franchise. However, they are many prospects for designs but only if the weave is seen as the fabric and not a saree.

If you are looking to create a perfect wedding trousseau, which will look both modern as well as timeless or you want to pay tribute to your grandmother’s wardrobe with a designer suit, the Kanjeevaram is the right thing for you. Apart from boasting of a fine quality, the majestic look that a Kanjeevaram saree displays highlights the intrinsic beauty of the Indian woman.


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Use incense to and evoke the pleasant feel in your house

An incense is an aromatic biotic substance which produces nice fragrant and smoke when it is burned. There are many types of incense found in the market and this incense produces a peaceful presence and people use it for performing religious actions. There are many other purposes for which this incense is been used by the people. This incense is also used for meditation and people use it while doing yoga in their home. This is the great material which evokes the good feeling and it also evokes sacred thoughts in the mind of the human beings. It is the special material which highly improves encourages the emotional release in the human mind and also it highly deepens the spirituality in the human mind. There are also several other uses in using this incense in the home. It will be better to use the high quality incense as they may not produce the high smoke and they will be the best one to be used in the home. Using this incense is really good and it can also be used daily in the home. It will give many benefits and the peace is the main concept which it creates.

Use of incense in ancient period

In the ancient days this incense is found to be the highly valuable commodity and it was also exported and imported from many countries. This incense is used in the catholic churches and they are more popular in the Bethlehem. These are the major advantages and the facts about this incense and buying this incense product are very easy. There are many online sites which sell these products and the people who are in need of buying this product can approach those online sites and then they can get it directly from those sites. There are also many other shops and groceries which sells this products and the people can get it from such grocery shops also.

Khush scents by Mohan

There are many manufacturers who manufacture this incense and they sell it in the market. There are uncountable flavours also found in this product and the best can be bought from those varieties. The price of these scents also varies from one product to the other. High quality products are little bit costly and they will be better than the other products also. The basic price of these products starts from the $ 20.

There is a famous manufacturer who manufactures this product and it is the khush scents. There are about 250 sticks found in this pack and all the sticks have the same characteristics. The length of these sticks is all same and the normal length is about 9.2 inches tall and they are found to be very thick in their appearance. This is the product which is found to be the handmade one and so it will be highly better than the machine made products. It is made of pure charcoal and so it is called as the charcoal incense. It is the finest handmade products with the handmade herbs and also spices. The manufacturer use oil in it to enhance the quality of the incense. Honey and sandalwood are the additional products which are been used by the manufacturer to still more enhance the quality of the product. Using the sandalwood powder will be better to give nice fragrant smell and so it is used in all such products.

The above said product can be directly obtained from the as they are the online site who sells this product in large number. People can save about $ 18 from this product by buying it from the This is way to buy this product from the market. Buying the trademarked incense will be really valuable than buying all the other products and so try to search for the trademarked products. These Mohan manufacturers give the trademarked products and they use all kinds of flowers and amber to enhance the scent smell. All their products are found to be sold in low prices with high quality. The is the great online sites which sells such products and so buy them and enjoy the pleasant fell in your house.






Why Choose the Benchmade Bushcrafter Knife?

Looking forward to a great outdoor weekend hunting or fishing? Even if you do not have specific plans, you will want to take along some powerful gear so you are ready for anything. Do not forget to pack your Benchmade Sibert 162 Bushcrafter. This is one serious outdoor knife.


Popular with enthusiasts of survival movements, the Bushcrafter knife is one of the best investments in outdoor readiness you will ever make.

The Benchmade Bushcrafter is a sturdy knife and is constructed with a 4.4” long cutting edge ensuring a razor-sharp thinness even before the sharpening process. If that is not enough, a secondary bevel has been added in order to give the blade added strength.

Features of the Benchmade Bushcrafter include:

  • Overall length: 9.20”
  • Blade length: 4.43”
  • Blade thickness: 0.164”
  • Handle thickness: 0.920”
  • Weight: 7.72oz.
  • Pocket Clip: No clip, sheath included
  • Lock Mechanism: Fixed blade
  • Blade Material: S30V Stainless Steel
  • Blade hardness: 58-60HRC
  • Blade style: High-ground drop point
  • Made in USA

The handles of the Bushcrafter are molded G-10 and are held in place with flared, titanium tubing. Flared tubing ensures no separation will take place.

Within the handle itself are hollow tubes that can easily turn your knife into a spear or pruning pole to get at things out of reach. When not in use, the Benchmade Bushcrafter comes with a nice, buckskin leather sheath.

You can use the Bushcrafter for everything from cutting up food and preparing meals, to fire preparation and everything in between. Knife enthusiasts love the clean look of the stainless steel.

While Benchmade is always a step ahead with their folders, a fixed blade made as well as the Sibert Bushcrafter is a great find. It does not matter if you are an expert outdoorsman or a novice, you will love the Bushcrafter from the moment you pick it up.

Android VS IOS

Statistics claim that in the world of mobile electronics filled with smartphones based on a variety of platforms, there are two uncontested leaders recognized by users: iOS from Apple and Android from Google. Therefore, there is a legitimate question: Which operating system is better? And, this question gives rise to another question: What is the difference between IOS (iPhone) and Android smartphones?

The price and performance of devices

Android phones are manufactured on the principle of PC – all functional elements can be produced by a wide variety of manufacturers, which means that the average price for an android smartphone, and you can check price for Google phone online, is usually lower than that for an IOS device.

Whereas, Apple smartphones are usually more expensive, because their internal specs are usually premium and thus they cost a little bit more.

The openness of Android and the closeness of IOS

Perhaps, this is the most distinguishable difference between these platforms. Android-Smartphones are a universal open system adapted for devices with a wide range of specs, it can simply be hacked, and it allows a user to copy or reinstall it without any problems. In a nutshell, Android lets its users do everything they want with it.

IOS devices are based on a system with a closed source code, which means that the unique characteristics of such smart phones are fully protected by Apple patents and you won’t be able to change, say, the design of icons. The system cannot be downloaded, and it is practically impossible to hack it. And for these reasons, IOS features better stability and performance.

About apps

The randomness of production of various applications results in the vulnerability of most apps. Today, it is believed that Android is less secure than IOS due to a large number of apps, which are not supervised by practically anyone. Apple, on the other hand, tries to monitor their apps. However, Android allows you to download apps from other places but only from Google Play, which is an advantage.

Ease of use

As for the graphics interface of IOS devices, it is elegant and handy since Apple specialists spent a lot of time and efforts to improve and refine it. Smartphones on Android are more suitable for those users who like to customize their device themselves by changing the design, changing icons and by adding widgets. It is rather a matter of personal preference.

Battery life

Concerning the matter of battery life, the situation is quite twofold. The thing is that there are plenty of Android smartphones with a variety of battery capacity that manufactured by plenty of different companies. If we are talking about some no-name Chinese brands, of course, the battery is likely to be unstable and such phones will not last even the whole day. However, if we buy Nexus 5 and compare it with IPhone 5s or iPhone 6, we can easily say that the battery life is pretty much the same.


Get the alluring sarees collection online

Sarees are the beautiful attire that is loved by all females.  From The young girls to elder ones, it is bit hard for you to find out the females who hate to wear sarees. Though the wearing method of saree would seem to be difficult, it is being liked by all and preferred to wear. Nowadays for the comfortability zone, many females are not wearing sarees daily.  But if you notice the wardrobe of theirs you can get a view of number of sarees that hang beautifully in the hanger.  This will stand as an evidence for the love of people on sarees. For every special occasion like marriage, the first preference of females to wear is sarees. Lot os varieties are available in the sarees. The way of wearing sarees will also change with the area of people.  According to their practice and their culture it will be varied in people.

If you surf in the internet you could get to know the wide collection of sarees all over the country. The cost of the sarees will vary with the designs and the work on the sarees. If you select the heavy work then it will be costlier and the lighter the work will reduce the cost of the sarees. Casual wear sarees, special occasion sarees, bridal collection sarees, etc are some of the categories that are commonly searched by the people. Apart from these there are lots of collections available. Sarees is the only costume that could make a woman to look both stylish and also traditional.  The look of the woman will depend on the design, color and the work of the sarees that she is wearing

Most of the people are really very much interested in order to get the sarees that are only from the online mode. There is lot and lots of reason is behind this. The first thing is online gives you lot of collection start from south region collection to the northern region collections. Then the price is really very much lower when it is compared with the normal retails stores. It is easy to collect the dress through the door step delivery. If you are looking forward with the exact collection of some fancy sarees then you should search for such kind of fancy sarees online then you will definitely find the same thing which was in your mind in any of the reputed sites. Give your pin code number in the site in order to check out the available services and the door deliverability services. After that look for the specific colors and designs that you wish to have. It is an advisable thing before you are started to order for the product you should read the reviews and the rating that are posted by the customers and the buyers who have experienced with it before. This will consists of both the negative and the positive aspects that are experienced by the customers so that you can easily find out the reliable product.

Know car paint protection better

Grit, acidic properties of birds’ poop and other kinds of filth are known to wane the smooth surface of the car. You do not need to worry on any ground if looking for the best fit solution to keep car as attractive as new for long time because paint protection film is there in rescue. This meticulously prepared solution is the right choice to depend upon as it creates a 1 mm thick layer on the targeted surface to keep all kinds of scratches and dents away. Never doubt its performance on any ground just use once and experience yourself. As a matter of fact, you must enjoy showroom like finishing at home in quick time. Before utilizing this wonderful solution, you are advised to make the best solution as it is available in different variants. Obviously, you are supposed to make an intelligent decision to delight with expected results.

Transparent Coating:

Due to transparent properties, this solutions proves best fit for cars of any color. Use of this transparent coating must prove a beneficial step as it keeps car’s surface smooth and shiny without taking extra care. Another excellent feature of this 1 mm thick layer is it does not cause any kind of harm or damage to the vehicle. Usage of this fantastic product must give a great reason to smile with well-maintained car therefore use now and get ready to drive with dazzling exterior.

Vehicle Wrapping:

Next product in this series is vehicle wrapping. This vinyl based method proves the top choice for those people who like to drive well-maintained and new like car. It is important for you to know this excellent solution does only not keep car’s surface intact for long time but also helps to design something new on the existing layer without leaving any kind of mark. According to the experts, this is the best product to rely upon therefore never overlook its efficiency. Want more details visit here.

Paint Protection Film:

However, there are several kinds of products like waxes and polishes easily available in market which help to keep car shiny and attractive. But, their price and way of usage prove problematic upon several terms. Besides, they do not last long in comparison with car paint protection film. This spectacular material always helps to maintain car’s beauty in an easier way. Moreover, its purchase does not burn pocket due to reasonable price. This is surely the highly recommended product therefore never look for alternatives.

Reseller always answers every question for used Peterbilt for sale

All top notch experts recommend going for Peterbilt truck when it comes to choose the best in class at reasonable price. You must need to know that this brand is serving in market for long years and it is a proven concept that none of its machines irritates owner in any way. Another excellent benefit of its large range of trucks is it perfectly meets the expectations of every body. Some foremost options in its list are:

  • Model 384 & 386
  • Model 384 & 386
  • Model 388 & 389
  • Model 388 & 389

Obviously, above mentioned trucks are not possible to purchase at pocket friendly price as their cost does not suit the pocket of people with limited budget. If you are any of them and do not want to compromise on choice then go for used Peterbilt for sale. According to this facility, you buy pre-owned truck from the approved reseller. Never doubt your decision of buying the used Kenworth because these machines do not cause any kind of problem or confusion. Instead, they help to accomplish the target in a highly convenient manner.

Ideal for all geographical conditions

Vehicles you by according to the policies of used Peterbilt for sale must serve with the best performance in all kinds of geographical conditions. Apparently, technicians make them in a way that thunderstorm, torrential rain and other kinds of harsh climatic conditions prove ineffective upon them. So, be assured of driving in a confident manner even in desert, snowy surface or any other kind of terrain.

Never let you compromise for anything

Mechanism of every used Kenworth delivers outstanding performance so that you can win the heart and mind of clients while delivering satisfactory results in time bound manner. So, you are supposed not to look at alternative machines. However, you can do so but experts suggest to remain ready to face different kinds of unforeseen situations to compromise on various terms.

Come with all safety features

All regulating authorities have made it mandatory to equip every automobile with essential safety features. If any motor will not comply with the stipulated rules and regulations then it will not be permitted to operate on city roads. You do not need to worry of this constraint as both these brands must maintain all safety features. It is a great reason to delight that companies also provide additional features so that you can keep working with peace of mind.

Choosing the Best Weed Seeds to Buy: Learn about Different Strains of Marijuana Seeds

seedsupremeIf you are suffering from conditions that can be calmed by marijuana, you might want to buy marijuana seeds online so that you can grow your own marijuana plants. For some health ailments, marijuana is the only plant that can offer relief. If you have never grown or used cannabis for medical purposes before, the available strains of weed seeds for sale can overwhelm you due to its variety. Nevertheless, when you have a guide to help you, choosing the right weed seeds USA products to purchase becomes easy. Basic understanding of the available strains will enable you to select a strain that has the right properties that will lead to the alleviation of the symptoms of your ailment.

Choosing cannabinoids

When buying weed seeds, you should consider how effective a strain is in calming the symptoms of your ailment. In regards to the effectiveness of a strain in treating health concerns of a patient, cannabinoids are very important. There are two types of cannabinoids. These are the CBD or cannabinol and THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the most common type. Typically, a strain of any medial cannabis can have 15 to 20 percent of THC and 1 percent of CBD or less. THC has a tendency of binding to the brain’s neuro-receptors. CBD affects the receptors across the body. Indica strains contain the highest amount of THC while sativa strains have the highest amount of CBD. The type of marijuana seeds that you buy should be determined by the symptoms that you want to treat.


Among the unique effects that you get from sativa strains include an uplifting feeling, mild hallucinogenic feeling and a general energy boost. This is why many people consider this strain when looking for marijuana seeds USA products to purchase. This strain of marijuana is the best to use during the day because it increases creativity and focus of the user. It also helps in relieving the symptoms of depression. Additionally, it promotes a well-being feeling.


Indica strains have a relaxing and calming feeling. This means them ideal for use at night. Cannabis seeds of this strain are ideal for people who want to treat different categories of pain including migraine headaches and muscle soreness. This strain is effective in relieving stress, insomnia, muscle spasms, nausea anxiety and some seizures. It is commonly used by people with Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis. It is effective against different health problems and it is ideal for those suffering from glaucoma, HIV and cancer.

Hybrid strains

Cannabis seeds USA products for hybrid strains are available in sativa-dominant and indica-dominant varieties. They are also available in fairly even splits. Users of hybrid strains get pain relieving effects that are provided by indica strain and wakefulness that comes with sativa.

Generally, you need to know about the available strains of marijuana seeds for sale to purchase the right strain of marijuana. Nevertheless, when you purchase your seeds from a reputable seed bank, you are bound to get the right pot seeds for sale and get the right effect once you grow and start using your marijuana.

Contact :

SeedSupreme Seedbank
Suite B0066, 35 Victoria Road
Darlington, Co Durham
United Kingdom, DL1 5SF
Phone number : +44 (0) 1325 750 704